About ITSA

Immersive Teaching STEAM Academy (ITSA) offers technology-focused education in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) subjects. At ITSA, our core belief is that project-based learning is the key to inspire students to pursue STEM/STEAM subjects. Our courses, projects, and field trips can be used to supplement the knowledge gained in an educational institution or home-school environment. We deliver structured and comprehensive programs. We believe that by making projects fun and exciting, we increase their thirst for knowledge.

We recognize a need for high quality STEM Education through project based learning and that in Arizona, not all STEM education is created equal. The Immersive Teaching STEAM Academy (ITSA) began educating students in 2016. The concept was created by Raman Khurana, President and CEO of Perfopt Technologies out of necessity for qualified technology workers. Based on the success of our ITSA pilot in Goodyear, we opened additional sites in the valley to expanded our offerings.

2018-2019 Course Offerings

  • Introduction to Technology:  ease your student into technology with exciting, hands-on projects designed for beginners. Students attend once a week for 90 minutes for a month.
  • Technology Electives: a chance to explore and grow technology skills. Computer Science topics are taught with fun hands-on projects in robotics, digital arts (we put the A in STEAM), 3D technologies, game development, virtual reality, and web design. Students attend two days/week during  for two hours  to earn .5 tech elective credits each semester.
  • Technology Camps: offered during school breaks (Winter and Summer) our enrichment programs provide fun and exciting projects using cutting-edge technologies. Students learn about 3D Technologies, Robotics, Game Development, Minecraft Modding, Virtual Reality, and much more!
  • Teacher Professional Development:  boost your confidence with technology and bring back fun experiences to your students!
 ITSA takes pride in facilitating learning through small class sizes and individualized attention. We celebrate diverse learners and recognize the needs of each student regarding the time, days and the duration needed to successfully complete lessons. Students practice work-place skills as an integrated part of  their curriculum.
At ITSA, our core belief is that project-based learning is the key to inspire students to pursue STEM/STEAM subjects. Our course offerings are taught by experienced staff members. We are proud to put the A in STEAM at the Immersive Teaching STEAM Academy (ITSA)!


High quality STEM/STEAM education through project-based learning.



We innovate by continually developing new projects and course materials.


We inspire tomorrow’s future by helping students’ creativity come to life.


We use technology as the foundation of education and teach skills that are needed to solve real-world problems.